Flat Lighting

It seem that the design of plan lamp popular in the last two years in particular, and we’re tired of the traditional circular bulb, want to broken through in it. It’s a little like the “Flat Lamp Concept” that we have introduced before, they are all designed as a flat shape , using LED light source, save power and reach the required what the designers want at the same time. It looks like the legs beside the wall, the LED light hid under the lampshade what has been pressed and the materials use of plastic or wooden. Although the stability should be more consideration for it, but it’s still a very creative lamp.
Design: DMO Studio

Flat Lighting by DMO 5

Flat Lighting by DMO 1 Flat Lighting by DMO 2 Flat Lighting by DMO 3 Flat Lighting by DMO 4 Flat Lighting by DMO 6 Flat Lighting by DMO 7 Flat Lighting by DMO 8 Flat Lighting by DMO 9


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