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It is often said that when you begin to quit smoking the first few weeks are the most difficult to cope up with. This is when many people give into the cravings and fail in their mission. But this should not dishearten you anymore. Quitting can be a difficult task but not an impossible one if you are well aware of the various quit smoking withdrawal symptoms that you will experience in your journey to lead a healthier life.
Some of the most common quit smoking symptoms experienced by people are:
•One of the biggest symptoms one experiences are the cravings. Lung Cancer – Classification, Stages, Symptoms, Causes, Effects, Prevention, Detection and Treatment. Sometimes these cravings become so powerful that people tend to give into these urges. However, it should be remembered that these cravings last only for a minute and with proper medicine and guidance it is very easy to overpower them.
•Another symptom people experience is that of hunger. Your mouth is used to have a cigarette once every 2 hours or so. So when those cigarettes are gone our mind usually confuses that craving with hunger. This is good only if you stick to low calorie food or fruits and vegetables.
•When people give up the habit of smoking they tend to cough a lot. Although, coughing is not a good sign and can be traced to some sort of illness, but in this case it is the opposite. While you were smoking your lungs were never able to respire properly because of all that stuff that had been accumulated there. So when you quit smoking the body tends to throw out all that bad stuff in the form of mucus. So initially coughing should be treated normally, but when symptoms persist for a long time, you must consult your physician.
•Many people who have just quit smoking experience wide changes in moods and tend to lose their temper very easily. This is normal as our brain was addicted to nicotine and when it does not receive its daily dose it tends to go a little cranky. So it is always better to inform people around you so that when you act weird they may take it normal instead of aggravating it further.
Along with these there can be a number of other quit smoking symptoms which one may experience while trying to stop smoking. So take them normal and be fully determined about your decision.

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