Helping clients to sell or buy beautiful homes in the Algarve’s Golden

Triangle is much more than a business for
real estate agent Oliver Peebles.
It’s a way of life that springs from his
knowledge and understanding of the Quinta
do Lago environment and lifestyle it offers.
He has harnessed marketing and sales skills
that were developed as the owner of one of
the UK’s largest private business media
groups. The experience has brought outstanding
success to Wellbeck Realty
Consultancy now based in new premises in
Buganvilia Plaza where Caroline Elliot operated
Laguna successfully for many years.
Oliver’s first business venture when he
came to the Algarve five years ago was a
sports management business, Golf Manage –
ment International. The company quickly
expanded and became the third largest golf
management business in Europe with many
top stars including Bradley Dredge who won
the World Cup for Wales at the Victoria in
Vilamoura in 2005. Steve Webster and Gary
Evans were also part of the stable. Investing And Hard Money Loans.

After 12 months in the management
business Oliver decided to change direction
and, in 2004, Wellbeck Realty Consultancy
was launched in partnership with Jorge
Apolo one of the most established and
respected agents in the area. In the first two
years they generated sales in excess of 30
million euros in a difficult market. 2006 saw
a move to new premises and Wellbeck
operating as an independent business.
Wellbeck’s level of success is largely due
to their understanding of the client’s needs,
the service they expect and delivery of
that service, “successful business men and
women want same day answers to questions
and they want problems solved” says Oliver.
In addition to the value placed on client service
Wellbeck have been committed to a proactive
marketing and sales strategy.
Investments in advertising, web activity and
client relations have been essential.

One example of Wellbeck’s marketing
investment is the sponsorship of golf star
John Bickerton, winner of the French Open
in 2006 and the 20th on the European Tour
order of merit with over 1 million euros in
earnings. John was one of the original players
in the GMI portfolio and in October of last
year he visited the Algarve in the week of the
Volvo Masters at Valderama. More than fifty
clients and friends enjoyed a fabulous client
day at Pinheiros Altos. ”Professional golf is a
terrific means of interacting with existing and
new clients. After 25 years of selling the merits of advertising, marketing and sponsorship
I was very aware of the benefits” says Oliver.
The Buganvilia office is staffed by Oliver,
Suzi, Cynthia and Chris and concentrates on
the “Golden Triangle”. Wellbeck not only
concentrate on the established “developments”
they are enthusiastic and focused on
new areas. Indeed Wellbeck were one of the
first agents to identify the potential of Quinta
Verde (between Quinta Do Lago and Almancil).

”When I was first introduced to the area
and saw the quality of the villas being built I
was sure it would prove successful. We sold
villas and plots worth more than £5m at a
time many doubted its credentials. The villas
have since gone up in value by approximately
25%-30%.”says Oliver.

The new year looks like being an exciting
time with the market back at its best for 5
years. From Wellbeck’s point of view it’s
important that buyers and sellers are aware
that there is a serious alternative to the
established options. Oliver says “Any market
sees change. This business is results driven
and we believe our performance is as good as
any in the last few years”.


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