Moving from round becomes Harnesses

Multiplexing electrical signals in automotive flat in Automotive wire as vehicles constantly will be developed with more electronics and options. Multiplexing is essentially a digitally encoded signal this signal on one wire and decryption on the other end. This allows bringing together multiple communication channels in a single serial signal path. The benefits of multiplexing are reducing the number of wires in a vehicle, functionality, flexibility, integration of system functions and improved systems diagnosis. Flat Flex coming together with multiplexing is using Flex circuits and flat cable (FFC) to replace harnesses. Flat flexible cables are in applications that require continuous bending behavior. Examples of applications include: office equipment industrial controls laptop-computers – disk-drives printer Avionics-appliances mobile phones that slide driver manufacturers to use FFC are lighter, less connections, package efficiency, improved EMI / RFI performance, the evolution towards multiplexing and towards the infotainment systems in cars. Multiplexing and FFC / flex circuits will see their debut in instrument panels, such as the properties in this area, is always crowded and the demand for plug & play-infotainment systems. The instrument panel is designed so that remote electronic devices to integrate to fewer, smaller, faster and packages. This includes radio, driver information system, climate control, cable harnesses, pigtails and connectors – all packed in an integrated architecture. Overall, is the result of replacement of cable harnesses with FFC and / or flat reduction of 75% will result in a plug Flex circuits in a vehicle (with the exception of the luminaire and the engine compartment); harness discount of 50%, the space around 70% (about a cubic foot space for the instrument panel); and simplified troubleshooting. Major players are the automotive OEM objectives, offer more options and reduce the weight at a lower cost. A look at some of the best cars for road trips 10 best road trip vehicles you are a road trip enthusiasts. Conventional wire harnesses are bulky and less electrical integrity. The use of FFC and / or Flex circuits allows manufacturers to achieve both goals. The technology is used, currently being investigated or the instrument panel, the roof, floor, doors, tailgate and applications, and it electrical applications for Ford, Chrysler and GM vehicles are currently in the body. All important instrument panel producers such as Delphi and Visteon, they develop multiplex, integrated instrument panels. Therefore all of the wiring harness manufacturer develop FFC and / or Flex circuits for use in the dashboard. This has the potential for strong growth as FFC and Flex circuits replace wire harnesses in the dashboard. Use of the FFC in other areas occur as their benefits are realized as they now are implemented for the instrument panel.


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