Preparing For the Open House

There has been lots of attention to home selling strategies in the media recently, but even with this plethora of information many sellers often make mistakes when preparing their home for viewing. The biggest mistake is not preparing! There are lots of little tips that can help, ranging from virtually free to more expensive. But making a small effort prior to showing your home can mean a big payoff – a sale.

Smell is essential! Ban smoking from your house the moment you decide to sell it. Track down any funky odors and get rid of them! Change pet litter, use a carpet deodorizer and air out rooms the day before your showing. On the day of your showing you may choose to light scented candles or oils, but be careful: many people are disturbed by synthetic fragrance. You should also be cautious with air fresheners. A better choice is boiling a pot of cinnamon sticks on the stove or baking a plate of chocolate chip cookies. Not only will the scent appeal to buyers, it will really help your house feel like a home.

Heat is also important – you want your home to give a warm impression both physically and mentally, but don’t over do it. Err on the other side of stuffy.

Remove clutter – be ruthless! You want potential viewers to imagine themselves in your house. Free up space so that the home feels light and airy; put away most of your personal mementos and photos. Do leave photos of your property in the spring/summer if you are selling in the winter – let people imagine the landscaping possibilities. Also, fresh flowers are an inviting touch.

Speaking of lighting, before you leave the house turn on all the lights and open the blinds – no one wants to live in a cave. The top five ways to sell your House San Antonio Fast. And be sure that you leave the house. While you might think you are doing a service by guiding potential buyers through your home, most would prefer the space to explore and form their own opinions. Don’t forget to take your pets with you.

Make sure your house is clean and in good repair. Potential buyers are often busy people and most want to be able to see themselves living in your home, not fixing it up. You want to fix the little things: make sure your drawers and cupboards open smoothly, facets don’t drip, etc. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders, and may be worth it if you have the time. Choose neutral colors that will help rooms appear lighter.

Check your yard – put away tools, toys and other clutter. Cut the grass and trim any unruly bushes. How does your house look from the street? Small details like a brightly painted front door or flower pot can really help your house stand out.

Remember, potential buyers may be touring several houses in a day. It’s in your best interest to make your home stand out. By creating an immaculate, inviting space that appeals to the buyer’s senses, your home will feel like the place they’d like to stay.


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