What why contrary to the rear seats are the safest, is a forward or rear facing child seat? Everyone has a different answer to these and many Member States have different laws, age, weight or size of the child or infant in question. Overlooking and interpreting car accident reports, and data is an obvious point that the severity were used properly accidents allegedly low when a child seat is rear face. It is important to say, if it shows fire service personnel through the years data correctly used here upwards of 50% of the seats are not installed correctly is. This could be as simple as the seatbelt not tightly pulled enough but there are cases, where limitations were the child at the beginning of the session (the restrictions only for the protection of the seat in this were case not the child). The latest most famous example of abuse of child seat Britney Spears with her child in her womb is laws. What Factors Are Important To A Car Insurance Company?. There is before a lot of literature about how to correctly install and setting a child seat, but it must more be done to reduce unnecessary injuries by improperly installed seats. Although each child seat is better than none, a rear facing seats is particularly important for babies and young children, as the highest risk of paralysis and permanent injuries face. Babies and young children are at risk for more severe spinal cord and brain and neck injury are weaker than their muscles and more compared to the rest of her body weighs her head. This increases the extent and seriousness of whiplash injuries. According to the National Institute for highway safety: After back-facing car seats head-on spread forces over the entire surface of the baby back, head and neck; they also prevent that the head of the grab relative to the body in a head-on. Thus it is obvious that we use a child seat rear-facing as long as possible and by our State and federal laws driving required. It is important to note that regardless of seat used, prevent all injuries can. Unfortunately some crashes are unavoidable and unsurvivable. But can we do much to increase our chances of survival our children from the proper installation of child seats. It is a good idea to stop by your local fire brigade and have them look at your seats. You are trained to know what exactly and not sure is this safety seats and is free of charge. Also children firefighters and trucks, they’ll have fun and be better on their safety to feel.


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