Will technology and gas prices sports cars go away? There are many sports car enthusiasts, the fear that they soon go the way of the dinosaurs due to high fuel prices and the advances in performance technology allows that to compete with sports car in speed family sedans

While it seems that some of the current developments say something of a decline in the sports car with increased sales of SUVs me the vehicles we will love not in great numbers, but they will still be there. Back in the day, muscle cars in the field of performance and regular sedans and trucks ruled not more able. SUVs did not exist. Now with the innovations in design and performance of the engine and the light weight materials automobile manufacturers be used always better results from smaller engines. In addition to normal production vehicles now as good as a race car. Some of the other themes which the decline in the number of sports cars on the road also comfort and affordability. Sports car in the truest sense are built for comfort, are built for speed and long car trips are no fun. The larger cars today still provide a sporty ride give you the best of both worlds. Insofar as the affordability issue, it’s easy most families only incompetent that are just for fun with a car make costs. People have to use make their cars on a daily basis, as it has become to keep expensive one like a hobby or a weekend car these days. Started were cars such as sports, racing cross country rallies and competitions. Until much later became mainstream everyday drivers. Some good news for the high-end sports car market is that it several companies to start the production of hybrid or electric sports car. Convert your vehicles the E85 – ethanol Fuel. Some of the top companies like Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi and bring on the open market active. The most promising that I seen as real sports car performance and the fact that it is a two seater secured the new electric Roadster from all Tesla Motors, a company of the founders of Google and PayPal. The car has from 0 to 60 in less than 4 seconds and it will run on laptop batteries!


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